Thursday, 3 September 2009

valve stole all my items BAWWW

Sup here are my custom skins. Not 100% by me, see .txt for details. Take zero credit for Pyros.

Also added Scout hair (not seen in preview). If you don't want it, don't extract scout_head.vtf and the /hwm/ (yes, meet the team models are included).

Bigger preview can be found inside the .rar

Preview of everything:

Download link:

Sunday, 17 May 2009

GDI Bill

Specially made for Binky. :3

Check readme.txt for installation.
edit: Skin is glitched when covered in vomit. Have to fix. :(

Metalized Tank Theme

This theme is a remix of the original. Makes it a lot more awesome and fitting.


P.S: The theme works as well for the Finale Tanks, to use it, copy Tank.wav and rename it to Taank.wav (make a back-up of the original first, though).
P.S.S: Credit for the remix and art go to their perspective creators.

So I herd u lyke Mudkitz?

Modified Zoey Skin

Modified, existing custom skin. Download:

Check readme.txt for installation.

Modified Smoking Cigarette Man

Modified, existing custom skin. Download:

INSTALLATION:1. Put both files in /materials/models/infected/smoker/ (create directory if not yet made)
2. Download Notepad++ at
3. -Open \Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\whitelist.cfg
-Add the line " "add" "materials/models/..."" under "// Additional files/directories to allow"
-Save it
4. -Open \Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\pak01_dir.vpk
-Ctrl+F and search for $baseTexture "models\infected\smoker/Smoker"
-replace "smoker/Smoker" with "smoker/Smoker2"
-Save it